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My name: Ezzat Asyiq Azhar
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About me: simple. young. taking picture to capture the moment. memories will always kept forever.
From: Malaysia
Other: EOS-450D
Jazli A Jamal
Latest entry:a secret in tampin
i was supposed to send tasya to the train station. her train was at 12.21 p.m. so we went out at 10.30 to tampin. Amirah, Am and Add came along as well. we had to look for a "bank islam" before hand because tasya wanted to buy some food for the trip as it was a 9 hour trip to Butterworth. after buying the food, we went to this little place where it seemed soo peaceful there was a little pond. View this Fotopage entry
Mimi Rani
Latest entry:Melaka
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jadi agak cacat
noordiana ibrahim
Latest entry:The Niece
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zakwan hakeem
Latest entry:Deadline
hey guys... im having rather serious coughs lately n i don't feel very well.. i know i sed i'll try to finish uploading all the pictures before the end of the week.. well it's already 2300hrs n i don't think il manage.. my plan is to upload Part IV : The Crew, before finishing it off with one big zip file download that contains all the pictures.. ill get on with it as soon as i can.. sorry! :hiding: View this Fotopage entry

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